About Us

“Shang” Magazine, founded in 2011, is a professional media enterprise based in New York.  This enterprise affiliates “Shang” Fashion Magazine, presently includes both a bi-monthly magazine in Chinese as well as English and convenient electronic versions on our official website.

“Shang” is avant-garde in content, independent in terms of both editing and interviews, as well as its exquisite full-color printing. With a professional angle, it showcases the luxurious fashion trends, providing exciting new perspectives to the elegant and aspirational lives of it’s reader.

As you journey through “Shang” magazine, you enter into a world of fashion trends, luxury watches, cosmetics, glamorous and high performance automobiles, exquisite wines and gastronome, luxurious home furnishings, as well as, key tourist attractions, film, drama, art and  culture.  Brand success stories of great trusted names in business and art, entice the reader to experience products with a new awareness.

“Shang” is designed for North American tourists from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan… international in scope. Currently, “Shang’s” distribution area presently covers New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas.  The  50,000 copies per issue is now scheduled to include Canada beginning May, 2013.  With the September issue, “Shang” is delighted to begin publishing monthly. “Shang” is representative of the most fashionable lifestyles, presenting elegance in every aspect of the luxury living experience!  We bring the very best to you, our “Shang” reader.
The concept of “Shang”
“Shang’s” goal is to inform the reader, presenting an elevated awareness of the best life can offer… to broaden horizons, a magazine for those who value taste and style.
The guideline of “Shang”
We uphold the principle of independent editing and interview. We offer a production team consisting of bi-lingual professional journalists and editors, who will interpret the fashion trends and their impact on everyday life. The valuable and practical information will make your reading journey an enlightened one.
Fashion: To showcase the trends of international fashion, to present true style at it’s best.
Luxury: To present a wide range of products, including among others, elegant time pieces and extraordinary jewelry for the discerning buyer.
Interviews: People of interest in various fields…including brand stories, highlighting the quality and history of brands.
Cosmetics:  Featured advice from reliable experts created  to assist you in selecting the products and looks best suited to you.
Guides to Hot Spots!  Where to go,.. what to see,  from restaurants to entertainment.  Cultural exhibits and theatre are all to be found in “Shang”.   Our goal is to keep you informed!