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Shang Kicks Off October Season with a Grand Luxury Brand Showcase at Hilton

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Reporter: Mia Zhang Photos: Andy Chen

New York, U.S.A.—October 16, 2012

With the changing colors of the foliage in parks, October has officially arrived, which means so many exciting things are happening at Shang Magazine in this crispy and invigorating weather. Believing that this is the season for sharing, affiliated with American Chinese Travel Association and three famous luxury brands, Shang shared with about 70 Chinese-speaking tour operators another exhilarating luxury brand showcase event hosted in the sleek Hilton Hotel in midtown Manhattan. Acting as an indispensable bridge between Chinese tourist consumers and the U.S. luxury market, Shang curated the exhibited brands and the guests to a successful showcase when both parties learned what they could offer for the increasingly sophisticated Chinese tourists who come to the U.S. for unique shopping experiences.

Li Li, Shang’s Publisher and Editor-in-Chief opened the exciting event by acknowledging everyone’s continued support to the magazine’s growth, “Striving for editorial independence and originality, Shang magazine is proud to have a team of professional bi-lingual fashion-forward editors and supporters who possess the ability to deliver luxury and brand stories to our readers.”

Mr. Kazu Sato, the Director of International Sales from the Hilton Hotel also took the moment to present the guests and brand representatives the new “Huan Ying” program that was launched last year in Hilton, a program that is specially created to catering the needs of Chinese visitors.

Next came to the stage was the U.S. Manager Mr. Seung H. Byun from J. ESTINA, a Korean jewelry brand who just launched its first international store in New York’s grand Plaza Hotel last year, making a splash among the fashion lookouts and has quickly become one of the most identifiable. Being the first Korean fashion label who promotes its national athletes like the world champion figure skater Yuna Kim and the K-pop band Girl’s Generation, J.ESTINA presents a brand image that is easily to be identified with for young Chinese consumers. When asked why J.ESTINA has been such a success despite its short entering into the U.S. market, Mr. Byun told Shang that the great exposure during the trend-setting New York Fashion Week has definitely helped J.ESTINA with its recognition. Mr. Byun also told Shang that “We are definitely seeing a strong potential to launch stores in China in near future.” Let’s stay tuned for this exciting plan!

After an in-detailed presentation on the best-selling Korean Jewelry label, Mr. Michael Kowalski, Director of Merchandising and Training from ViewPoint (exclusive marketing agency for Philip Stein) joined the audience on the stage with his vivid presentation and charismatic personality. Refreshed with “innovative designs and authentic details”, Philip Stein is recognized among the top quality watch labels for men and women. Launched in 2002, Philip Stein differentiates itself from other conventional watches by utilizing “natural frequency technology” that aims to increase the owner’s health and wellbeing. Because of the brand’s unique timepieces that particularly focus on the physical wellbeing of its customers, the brand appeared three times in Oprah Winfrey’s popular TV show “My Favorite Things”. Successfully established its stores in over 30 countries, Beijing and Hong Kong are the two cities where customers could shop for Philip Stein fashion items in China.

Last but not the least came Mr. Dennis Newsham, the Regional Manager from Porsche Design. Based in Germany, Porsche Design focuses its activities on its Porsche Design and Porsche Design Driver’s Selection divisions and the Porsche Design Studio in Austria, a versatile and high-quality product range including numerous men’s accessories in watches, pens, clothing and even households products and sports cars are created there and many later became classic designs. By introducing the brand with its iconic design, performance, technology and craftsmanship respectively, Mr. Newsham brought the audience to a great fashion label with timeless history and heritage. When addressing specifically to the Chinese market, Mr. Newsham pointed out that Porsche Design cell phone is so far the best selling product among Chinese customers who appreciate its HD design, unlocked SIM card, and 4G network.

Each brand presentation ended with a fun pop quiz and raffle session where brand representatives could interact with the audience by addressing their questions and giving away unique brand prizes to actively participated tour operators. The guest tour operators also had the opportunity to ask questions regarding the price points of the products and the brands’ selling points to Chinese visitors.

During the tea-break time, all brand representatives shared with Shang and the guests their favorite collections that are fit for the upcoming Christmas holiday season. Ms. Virginia Ferreria-Mujovie, the store manager of J.ESTINA in the Plaza Hotel, recommended the brand’s Tiara collection to Chinese customers, which is “very dainty, well crafted, and sparkled beautifully.” For Philip Stein, Mr. Kowalski particularly mentioned the brand’s prestigious collection which is “the most luxuriant, all Swiss made and many are with beautiful diamond application, ranging from 2,300 to 20,000 USD.” And because Philip Stein believes in fashion watch design, all watches carry what is known as the “fashion wardrobe” feature—allowing the customers to mix and match watches and straps freely for all kinds of occasions. What is also exciting for this upcoming holiday season is that Porsche Design is celebrating its 40th year anniversary since it was established under Mr. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. For this milestone year, Mr. Newsham introduced the guests to the brand’s “Special Collector’s Edition” which is a four piece set featuring the top seller sunglasses starting from 1972.

As the brand showcase approached the end, Shang’s publisher Li Li surprised the crowd with a mysterious VIP guest–Mr. Guo, a.k.a. Da Xiong, one of the most successful illustrators and comic artists in Chinese and European comics whose most recent notable works including Star Wars Adventures: Boba Fett and the Ship of Fear (2011) and many more. He drew three portraits for the three speakers during their presentations and dedicated his art pieces to them on behalf of Shang. With a great applause from the audience members, the event saw a successful closure. Many tour operators said that they would look forward to the future events hosted by Shang.

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Shang’s publisher and editor-in-Chief Li Li welcomes everyone to the brand showcase event.

Kazu Sato, the Director of International Sales from the Hilton Hotel welcomes the guests.

The U.S. Manager Mr. Seung H. Byun presentes J. ESTINA

Ms. Virginia Ferreria-Mujovie, the store manager of J.ESTINA shares the brand’s collections.

A great turnout of the audience

Audience eagerly participate the pop quiz sessions.

Mr. Byun draws the raffle tickets.

One of the raffle winners with Mr. Byun

Mr. Michael Kowalski, Director of Merchandising and Training from Philip Stein domenstrates the health benefits of the brand’s watches.

Mr. Kowalski and his brand representative draw the raffle tickets.

One of the winners for the pop quiz session.

One of the winners for the pop quiz session

One of the winners for the pop quiz session

The lucky winner for the raffle prize

Shang’s press team intervewing Mr. Byun

Shang’s press team interviewing Mr. Kowalski

Shang’s press tream interviwing Mr. Newsham

Mr. Dennis Newsham, the Regional Manager from Porsche Design demonstrates the brand’s aviator glasses to one of the guests.

One of the winners for Porsche Design’s pop quiz session

Another winner for Porsche Design’s pop quiz session

Porsche Design prepared three special quiz gifts for Shang’s guests.

The biggest winner of the brand’s grand raffle prize

Three presenters with their cartoon portraits drew by Mr. Da Xiong

Shang’s marketing team with J.ESTINA

Shang’s marketing team with Philip Stein

Shang’s marketing team with Porsche Design