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New Luxury Brand Showcase Exclusively Sponsored by Stefano Ricci

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A new event of the series Luxury Brand Showcase organized by Shang Magazine in cooperation with the American Chinese Travel Association (Eastern), was held on the evening of June 5th, at 407 Park Ave, the boutique of the exclusive event sponsor, Stefano Ricci (New York).

Based on the immensely successful series events in January, April and May, the Luxury Brand Showcase is highly requested and anticipated by both the companies and customers. It serves as a bridge between the brands and the very promising Chinese tourists market, and has truly received its positive feedback.

Publisher of the Shang Magazine, Ms. Li Li, was making the opening speech

Mr. David Wu, Director the American Chinese Travel Association (Eastern), co-organizer of the event, made the opening speech

Mr. Dario Donnini made the representation on Stefano Ricci

As one of the world top menswear brands, Stefano Ricci enjoys a worldwide rapidly growing credibility and market. Nevertheless, according to Mr. Dario Donnini, the Director of Sales and Distribution of Stefano Ricci (America), their customers in New York who take the biggest percentage are from China, therefore they sincerely value this event so as to create more chances in this highly beneficial but meanwhile fiercely competitive market.

About 30 Chinese tour operators were present at the event. They all have direct contact with the Chinese shoppers and work as their shopping guides accordingly. After the 45 minutes of presentation by Mr. Dario Donnini on the Brand’s history, featured products, quality, rules and philosophy, etc., the audience brought up questions with regard to its customer services, regional price differences, and so on.

The Chinese tour operators, the keen participant

During the store touring session, the tour operators tried the products and surrounded the store managers and staffers with more questions. Although the staff found no time to have a rest, they were very pleased for they all saw the keen heart of the tour operators to bring guests.

The more questions the tour operators have, the happier the store manager is

Mr. Santo Costarelli, Managing Director was interviewed by the Shang reporter

On top of the knowledge, the Chinese tour operators also had experienced excitement: more than one half of the audience won exclusive men-made fashion ties of Stefano Ricci in the lucky draw.

At the end, Mr. Dario Donnini and Managing Director Mr. Santo Costarelli, both told the Shang staff that, they were expecting one more chance of exclusive sponsorship in their upcoming new store in New York.